Watercolor Video Lessons

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Free Demonstrations

Free Watercolor Demonstration by Igor Sava

"Winter landscape"

(fog effect, snow, water  reflections, lighting effects)

Free Watercolor Demonstration by Ekaterina Sava

"Bouquet with peonies"

Video Lessons

Worldwide from the very heart of Italy

The uniqueness of the world of watercolor is that it doesn’t create some artificial illusion but helps to distinguish all the simplicity and lightness of the surroundings.

The purity of natural lines, the freshness of inartificial color combinations and the invisible presence of air are all incarnated in works of this technique which is on top of its popularity again.

Igor & Ekaterina Sava

The main idea of our authors and your future teachers is than not only the creative development but the entire happiness of life is in exchange. Both the experience with knowledge and energy with emotions. To make this exchange easier and accessible the idea of SLON online courses were born. From now on you don’t have to consider travelling far to Rome to have your personal surprising experience and to achieve in developing your creative abilities. Join us to see how we open the new edges of the world of watercolor.

Igor Sava

An artist with international name, who’s been nominated and honored in numerous worldwide festivals and awards during last five years. His creative path is more than thirty years of developing and improving of given talent, since his first «Ilya Repin» Art College in early nineties till taking classes in Rome’s Academy of Fine Arts after moving to Italy.

Ekaterina Sava

An artist and an architect, International watercolor Society leader in Belarus, National art group exhibition participant since 2009. Her works were marked and awarded in dozens of largest exhibitions and festival in Europe, North and South Americas, South-East Asia and CIS during last several years. Ekaterina has founded the Watercolor School in Minsk, where more than two thousand students have joined this extraordinary art.